“Your energy as it is the building block of your reality. Don’t lie to yourself and convince yourself your energy is high when it is not, because it confuses everyone’s systems. Remember, your 95% communicates directly with other people’s 95% and without the filters that exist in the mind. Energy doesn’t lie. Know thy self, know when your energy falls, put in place ways to cope, take care of yourself in those moments
Watch yourself for symptoms of getting off your centre:
• Lack of appetite or too much cravings
• Not sociable, not feeling like being with people
• Physical problems (health)
• Poor coordination
• Confusion
• Lack of concentration
• ADHD (adults have it too)
• Not present – fluctuating attention
• Lack of interest
• Irritability
• Poor vision/hearing (physical or symbolical)
• Anger
• Irrationality
• Impatience
• Intolerance
The list goes on, but you get the idea… Don’t tell yourself that people are hard work, provoking or backwards, it is your perception of what they present. Of course, people can be all these things, it’s their symptoms of low energy, but your reaction to their expression depends on your energy levels. So, first acknowledge that, be kind to yourself, be kind to them.” – Autism, a sign of natural evolution