A lonely wolf in the night

“…As I said, our understanding is not only in our head, our sight is not just in our eyes, and the hearing is not just in our ears.

…It’s not only people that leave traces of light as they move, it’s all that surrounds us. Trees, plants, flies, bees, houses, lampposts, cars, shops, pavement, clouds, the air itself too. They all have their own colour and intention that is emanating like smoke around them. When we interact with them, even by walking near, the “smoke” will be disturbed from our movement, mix with ours, churn and twist.

I cannot stop seeing this. At times, when my peace is disturbed, seeing all this is hurtful, it is too much. The only thing I can do is try and tune out of it, create a bigger distraction that focuses my senses on one place and stops me from noticing everything else… Sometimes, it is too much, it’s a nauseating picture to look at, never mind trying to fit in it!

…and sometimes it’s beyond words, beautiful, interconnected, pat-terns inside patterns – warping into themselves and coming out anew. I don’t always know what it all means, but, sure, the view is glorious!..” – Autism, a sign of natural evolution

What for you is a lonely wolf in the night:

… to me is a whole other story. Click on the link to see the work of that guy here.

I am sure he is very special because that kind of picture cannot come from a clueless mind. Even the darkness is twirling and stirring the same way I see it!

As I keep on saying: I know my special people when I see them. Welcome to my world!