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Extract from “Autism, a sign of natural evolution”

“My vision for the future is to create a Research Institute where we study autism as a sign of Human Evolution in Expansion, a place where the Special Talents of those people and their peculiarities are researched and developed into learnable skills for everyone else to use.

We would work with the autistic person in designing and creating a personalised space adapted to their needs and comfort instead of conventional furnishing and decoration.

We would strive to provide to anyone willing to step into the future insights and skills to better understand the autistic perception of the world, so that we can easily connect, communicate and learn from each other, leading everyone to an enriched and fulfilling life.

We firmly believe that Nature is taking care of the physical glitches (labelled autism) that sometimes come with the “Futuristic Talents” and “Lateral Perceptions”. It’s obvious that more and more of those special people are born with perfectly aligned bodies and minds, but they seem clueless of what they really are or how to tap into what they have. Those, we would educate to lead humanity to its rightful place.”