Natural Evolution Autism



“What I have suffered as a disadvantage in my youth has become the source of my greatest power and ambition – Jumping between Worlds.” – Asia Dimitrova

Numerous investigations and definitions of Autism are continuously emerging, new programs and research offer methods to support people on the Spectrum more adequately. All this is well developed, but the challenge for all specialists is the inability to see, live and feel what an autistic person does.
“Autism as sign of Natural Evolution”, offers a radically new concept, an insight into the Autistic world, that can provide a greater understanding, and on this basis suggests new ways of looking at it and connect with a child on the spectrum.

The main points are:
• Some mistakes that society makes in dealing with people with Autism.
• Autism seen as a natural evolution of the Human species.
• Applications of the new concept in everyday life, improving the connection, relationships, learning and communication.
• Importance of Healthy Nutrition for the autistic person.

Asia was born in Bulgaria in the communist era and is a possible case of undiagnosed High Functioning Asperger. She has had to adapt and survive within a family and society ignorant about the Spectrum.
At a very early age, she realized that she lives in two worlds and they work in very different ways. Asia has dedicated her life to understanding and finding words that can describe what she perceives and lives through. Her mission is to build a bridge between these two worlds. People are her greatest passion and her love for humanity impels her to insist on her search and overcome the challenges that the nature of ASD presents every day.
Today, Asia is certified SEN tutor and had stand out with her work performance, being sought after in complex and difficult cases of adaptability.
She is an writer, inspirational speaker, consultant and teaches tailored courses on parenting and Autism.

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